A Tale of Crimson Delight

The title explains this article almost to its entirety except for the delight part. This is as much trivial as it is controversial. Okay, you’re flowing quite heavily, you run to the closest facility to change, rushing because you have to get back to your Trivia Crack. It becomes urgently necessary to rush because susierules96 is beating you four to two as she just captured your entertainment crown.

So what do you do? It’s safe to assume that you discard this “absorbent.” I am also assuming whoever is reading this has the basic feminine product knowledge to get the reasoning behind the quotations. After your “responsible” disposal you also forgot to flush the toilet. I am sorry for the all the quotations; I don’t like them either but for this observation they are necessary. When the absorbent was placed carefully where everyone could see it, was it wrapped nicely in some other cotton toiletries to conceal its identity or rolled in coil fashion allowing the adhesive to stick also hiding the true form? There are not many things worse than transferring trash from one can to another, as we are trying to practice responsible greenship, and something doesn’t quite make it in the bag to be thrown out, or a piece is stuck to the bag so it may be reused.

In a hurry, we want to tidy the rest of the garbage and we use our hand… Luckily, we are holding a container that will hold some liquids and maybe we are by a toilet. After putting this into perspective, leaving the toilet seat up is about as dangerous as purrs from an angel brigade of kittens giving out complimentary Eskimo kisses-sign me up.

I am not insensitive; I do compromise. I grew up with a grandma who enjoyed her day when I listened. This included putting the toilet seat down and even flushing once I conducted my business. Maybe tidiness is a lost art. I don’t know much, but I do know, to the women that were kind enough to read this, we love you and couldn’t do this life thing without you.

Thanks for reading “Let’s Ty One On.” Keep coming back and read as I attempt to develop a relationship with a complete stranger. All seriousness, everyone have a jamming day.

A Tale of Crimson Delight

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