Stickers, what’s the point?

I try to pull back carefully the edges of the cartoon character staring back at me, and only half peels off!!! Then, I try to use what little finger nail I do have to remove the rest. Ugh… I am left with a bigger blemish. It was bad enough some pink pony was on my laptop; now a blemish, of the sticky residue with dirt and germs, is all that is left.

Since my recent health kick, I am now enjoying fruit after my 10 minute battle of removing the sticker off of each piece every morning. I know a simple remedy-grab a knife and cut the little section off, no big deal. It is a problem. It is a piece of fruit. It is already hard enough to convince myself to keep eating them. I don’t need any additional reason to justify why I shouldn’t.

Stickers are about as pointless as this blog. Lisa Frank can kiss off.

Thanks for reading “Let’s Ty One On.” Keep coming back and read as I attempt to have an epiphany. All seriousness, everyone have an awesome day.

Stickers, what’s the point?

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