Check out this drum solo.

THROUGH the excursions of my life, a few strangers will be become friends and a few friends will become strangers. Independence is important not only to me but everyone else that is still crawling learning to walk. This, that or the other can bring me down. I can only disrupt the balance of the natural order if I play the drums off beat. Hitting the snare instead of the tom is sometimes necessary in my life. In a world either broken or moving in the direction it is intended to, I do what I can to have my self-loathed individualistic existence remain authentically mine. A bully isn’t just a kid at school that takes my money and cuts my self-esteem a little deeper; it can be a co-worker that is 29 years old sabotaging my uniqueness to cover his insecurities. A bully can be a government that has no clue what they are doing claiming pure intentions, but the underlying cause is to divide and conquer not a country but the human mind, body, and soul. As each day passes the feeling grows stronger that they are designing it to be us vs. them, but at this point, who can be too sure? I am a creature of habit, spend enough time with me and you will be able to define me in a few words. It is remarkably naïve to believe that these elected officials truly care about a majority of us when they lie and bully each other but enforce the majority of us to do “right.” I cannot change the world; I cannot change them, but I can remain to grow, change, learn and be me. A majority of us respond to leading by example. In a world either broken or moving in the direction it is intended to, I must define my legacy, do my best not to make a decision that will cause a path of destruction and know we are all still learning to crawl. If it were any different everyone, we would WALK hand in hand. Since a peaceful world is an as much fiction as the stories I create I will continue writing, growing and being the worst drum player ever; learning as I go along. Revolution Be You marches on!!!

Check out this drum solo.

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